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Sonogram - How We Saw Tomorrow

tracks range from the kraut-inspired lead single “futurist”, the glitchy but delicate “bloom” to the more
melodic, downtempo “cruiser” and “cosmonaut”.

Sonogram - Apparent Microdots, a 2xCD Anthology now available. 28 tracks in limited-edition slipcase packaging.

recommended listening for connoisseurs of fine melodies, immersive textures, and masterful electronica once submerged
it can be hard to disengage. - Blurt

Sonogram - Cubists

the most diverse sonogram release to date, tracks range from the ambient “certainly obscured” and “fell through mirrors” to glitchier fare “gateway drugs” and “studer.” while downtempo tracks such as “soul brother” and “purple vinyl” sit alongside the more upbeat and playful beat-oriented tracks “the knack and how to get it” and “anise gumdrops”.

then there’s the inspired cover of “someone to watch over me,” which is the first sonogram track ever to feature a vocal. originally conceived for a Mad Men remix project that was shelved, all elements of the orginal recording were then abandoned and has been re-worked as a cover with vocalist mia forsett.


Cubists is a set of sophisticated musings for bots and humans who can’t quite get a handle on what others call reality. After leading us by the ear, for the first several tracks, into an increasingly relaxed-while-alert condition, the fourth title, Revox, waxes positively alpha-state.His schooling in jazz, classical, and experimental approaches is evidenced by the minimalist poetry of Certainly Obscured. The Knack and How to Get It mixes a vague feeling of familiarity with exotic enchantment. Gautreau even shifts into lounge – with a female vocalist – for an exploration of Gershwin’s Someone to Watch Over Me. Cubists is a stunning patchwork of dit-dot-dash-bell-click-whirl. But Gautreau’s ability to convey emotion via machinery is what ultimately makes me stop what I’m doing and stare into space along with him. He has an intuitive sense for just the right amount of silence to place between sounds - my old kentucky blog

Sonogram - Pixels

Sonogram - Vinyl Studies

Vinyl Studies finds Sonogram returning to darker, edgier
loop-based terrrain, along with the occasional beat thrown in for good measure.

Short vignettes similar to the self-contained compositions of Boards of Canada or the dearly departed Plone — proving that ambient doesn’t need to be lengthy to be involving. He simply takes one idea, gently mulls over its possibilities and then abandons it in favor of another. Contemplative, otherworldly, and bewitching, it’s the stuff of dreams.
- emusic

Sonogram - Arrival Lounge

Arrival Lounge explores new areas of downtempo and lounge while
retaining the warm, bubbly tones of its predecessor.

The various synth textures are indeed beautiful. Shades of Fender Rhodes, Moog and Farfisa envelop the listener in their lush warmth...truly wonderful melodies. - XLR8R

Conjuring the futureworld of Blade Runner and THX-1138, the Chicago group Sonogram builds songs out of thick squiggles of electronics, ruthlessly minimal and perfectly antiquated. "Arrival Lounge" bears an eerie similarity to Radiohead's "Everything in its Right Place", but where that song fractured and unwound, "Arrival Lounge" chirps and quivers like a mechanical bird. "Hovering the Velodrome" blinks like fluorescent lighting and "Radial Blur", with its fat splotches of synth and strange mosquito whistle, could be the soundtrack to Tarkovsky's Stalker. Arrival Lounge is an eerie, 3 a.m. record full of tubes and wires and blinking lights.- emusic

In a day and age where Brazilian rhythms and rehashed bossa nova classics are appropriated by well-dressed Austrian DJs for martini swilling crowds in jet-set lounges, Sonogram gives a welcome alternative for the laptop set desperately needing a break from all of Squarepusher noise and Kid606 mashups. -The Brain

Sonogram collects some rather unusual sounds and bleeps assembled around more recognizable electric pianos, guitars or flutes, organised into low-key constructions... compositions have a definite cinematic twist to them. Beautiful creations such as Proximity, Dramamine, Mood Ring, the short interlude of Soft Geometry, or Aeronaut are all intense and evocative -The Milk Factory

Sonogram creates plush interiors and abstract rhythms that warm the heart and the mind. Comprised entirely of original sounds (no sampling); "Arrival Lounge" gives ambient fans a unique variety of trippy and dreamy sounds. Sound distortions are so heavy on "Dramamine" the it almost has an electronic rain feel to it. Sonogram sinks into the deep cavities of your mind with a variety of musical sounds. Really something different and original for those who are patient enough to let this one in. - Electrogroove

Sonogram - Heartbeat Submarines
(Remastered with bonus tracks)

Decidedly alien, yet surprisingly human. Space age love songs from an AM station lost in orbit. Heartbeat Submarines is the debut release from Sonogram.

Meditative, slow motion analog love songs. Devoid of beats, incorporating vaguely ethnic samples and warm lullaby harmonics. Heartbeat Submarines will usher in a whole new era for ambient music. A must-have.

Harkens to electronic music's early days, when shape and shade meant more than speed and style. Let long loops of sound drift around you, while wisps of trippy, trancey neurotica frame wide expanses of textured earstuff. Heartbeat Submarines will nestle gently in the lobes Glittering with analog sonics, lo-fi synth and the shadow of a Moog.

Just when you think the ambient genre is dead, some special recording comes along to renew faith. A useful aid to the discriminating chiller's lifestyle. Best suited for drifting off to sleep while recalling your childhood memories. -The Skinny

Few groups have been as aptly named as Sonogram, whose pleasant, minimalist electronic music creates a virtual womb in which to curl up right inside one's speakers or headphones. Totally original stuff, a savvy, satisfying update of ambient music.

Burbling keyboard melodies slathered over thick cushion-like beds of impenetrable sound. A soundtrack for your mind's wandering.

Gleaming new constructions assembled at unusual angles, in quasi-futuristic arrangements with unusual shapes painted in unfamiliar colors.

Simulacra is growing into a leading label of ambient music.

A minimalist masterpiece of slow-fi techtronics. Each piece is a tableau of sonic surrealism.

Pleasant, haunting melodies. Passively captivating.
-Ambience for the Masses

Shrill sonar transmissions and humming drones, drenched in a thick aqueous reverb. A lo-fi assault on your consciousness.
-Last Sigh

Echoing unidentifiable sounds lie in front of a backdrop of peaceful ambience and muted drones...mimimalistic melodies fade in and out.
-Grinding Into Emptiness

The subtleties evade quantification. One to wallow in...this is a label to watch.

Sonogram - Substrates
(Ambient Works 1995-1999)

Piano melodies suggest the simplicity of Satie while weightless synths recall lighter moments from Kubrick’s 2001.
Recorded with a couple of modest synths and a heavy dose of Ingmar Bergman films for influence.

It's sometimes an artist's earliest creations that exude the most truthful emotion. Substrates is adrip with this fresh authenticity.
A seamless fusion of rich, organic instrumentation and lush, pixelated soundscapes.-

A masterful achievement. - STYLUS

Substrates brightens any room it enters. - Splendid