Tear Ceremony - Emulsion
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Some of the most surreally cinematic music of this decade. The best Godard film you'll ever listen to. -XLR8R

As with Tear Ceremony's previous releases, Emulsion strikes the same vein of twisted and moody sonic experimentation with equally astounding results. A sonic will-o'-the-wisp, luring listeners into an unordinarily magical environment of almost recognizable audioforms.
(9 out of 10)
-Ambientrance (link to full review)

Dark ambience that oozes and hovers (4 out of 5.)
-Alternative Press

An immersive experience that blurs perceptions and defocuses the senses, forcing you to feel via surrogate neurons of darkly comforting music. Another triumph for Simulacra.
-Splendid (link to full review)

It possesses a dissonance that's achieved through other means than ham-fisted screeches and atonal freakouts. It's patient in its slow action, repetitively layering a few sound cycles on top of one another.It all results in a drone that renders an illogical feeling of urgency, loneliness and impatience in the listener.
-Pitchforkmedia (link to full review)

A dream full of unfocused images and echoing sound. It takes on a soundtrack aspect that could place it in a Derek Jarman film, as emotions fly through drifting soundscapes.
-Grinding into Emptiness

A more haunting, darker sound.The charm of Tear Ceremony is that they manage to keep the stuff concise and to the point.

Tear Ceremony - Film Decay
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Like taking permanent residence in that dismal, yet strangely attractive otherworld, then sending out these alluringly blurred snapshots. A truly immersive aura of sound and place. Both thumbs up for this mysterious celluloid wonder. A most listenable, most absorbing piece of work.
-Ambientrance (link to full review)

A truly wonderful piece of work. The themes of technology and the sounds that emanate seem to be the overlying theme. Film Decay appears to take that concept and inspect its very core, affecting the sounds of science and recording the results for our analysis.

An exquisite masterpiece of ambience, a soundtrack to the subconscious or a faltering template of memory. Sounds, and the images they provoke, are amplified, exaggerated, placed under the microscope; like choosing the tiniest spot on a photograph and enlarging it, taking it all out of context to reveal the graininess, the impurities and the magic therein of the simplest form.

A highly atmospheric journey with narcotic drones and gentle melodies. A splendid album.

Spacey melancholy, the feeling of being immobile and separated from the outside world.
An album for a cloudy day.
-Ambience for the Masses (link to full review)

Plugs into the same unconscious realm of alien landscapes and artificial life traversed upon in
though a moody cinematic presentation is clearly the agenda for this new installment. More fully explores the gray areas of the psyche, bringing such subtle and obscure nuances to the forefront.

Adds new life and textures to an otherwise overdone style of music. One of the best conceptual soundtracks I have experienced.
-Sonic Boom

Subtle tones that expand and contract with the elasticity of a lung.
-SLast SIgh

The textured ambience which dominates these sounds provides you with a serene comfort,as memories of things you never did float through your mind.
-Grinding into Emptiness

Spatial in construction and mood, perfect for exploring those hidden vistas in your own psyche.
-Carep Noctem

Tear Ceremony - Resin
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Thick sheets of alien film music.
-Alternative Press

The perfect soundtrack to your dreams. One of the most dynamic of the genre and highly recommended.

Unsettling, yet very interesting sound-journey, comparable to a mildly bad LSD trip within a particularly surreal Hitchcock film.

The balance between space and density is exquisite. Chance transmissions of disembodied voices are occasionally caught in a tenuous web of hazy electronics. Haunting, unreal and more than just a little unsettling. Ambience with a knife behind its back. Highly recommended. ND

Floats around the room like a friendly ghost. (4 stars)

Somewhere between fever induced dream states and edge of perception trances. A fascinating work of deep reflection.

The ideal disc for late-night winding down.

Surreal with a subdued melodic sensibility, combines restrained synthesizer sounds with twisted samples to create a mysterious atmosphere.
-Ujamaa's Ambient Experience

Wraps itself around the listener like a fleece blanket.
-Carpe Noctem

Top 50 of 1997
-Star's End