Yuval Ron - Proteus (Soundtrack)
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Yuval Ron - In the Shallows
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Artistic and reserved, In The Shallows is Yuval Ron's 52-minute score for an interpretive dance performance. A most contemplative place awaits In The Shallows… Yuval Ron and cohorts present a sparse-yet-evocative production as exotic and contemporary instrumentation is applied to serious, introspective pieces. Meditative Mount mantra (9:57) is enshrouded in austere droning layers from which electrical entities seems to emerge; feminine wails soar to higher registers, wavering in the windswept heights. Swishy fluids pour forth as Water music spreads in an expansive pool of assorted soundforms, including spaciously occurring metallic bowl emanations. Even-quieter tinklings happen as Glass falls (7:23) over a sedate bed of low reeds and faint streams of keyboarding/processing. Minimal rhythmic pattering begins a Stone dance; the light, clattery percussion picks up in tempo, though maintains a low profile throughout. Brooding depths extend far beneath Rêve d'Éternité in an inexorable current; Tsvetanka Varimezova's faraway chants are siren calls, accented with muffled rhythms. Bracingly lovely! For the finale, Weaving unfurls an ominous blend of deep spectral energies, spare occurrences of mood-altering percussion and emotive flutational scene-setting. - Ambentrance

In a word: FANTASTIC. This music leads one on an awesome journey by composerYuval Ron at the keyboards and the mesmerizing voices of Bulgarian singers Tsvetanka Varimezova and Angela Rodel, who appear on the two centerpieces of this recording. Subtitled `Soundscore for the Getty Courtyard,' it was performed live, like a meditation in the space and about the space. Other instruments include clarinet, bowed saz, dudek, metal water bowl, generating a sound chamber of subtle movement and deep yearning and expression. "The Getty building will neverr be the same after this!" "In the Shallows" is highly recommended for Continuum work.- Backroads Music

Yuval Ron - In Between the Heartbeat
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The range of moods, techniques and components used to create this darkly ambient album are brilliantly handled to create a stunning whole. Highly Recommended.

An artful exercise in sound construction. From within a murky haze, strange fragments of sound emerge. Explores the inhumanity of the information age, leaving us with some interesting atmospheric arrangements.

A varied collection of electroacoustic experimentation that should please those who are looking for something less accessible and more daring.
-Ujamaa's Ambient Experience

Ominous buildups of mechanical noise with thunderclaps suggesting the slamming of enormous metal doors, the tinkle of glass wind chimes, delicate woodwind washes and distant birdcalls; a whole other landscape.
-Los Angeles Times

As far as pure ambience goes Yuval Ron is a master.Great record, highly recommended for all ambient orchestration lovers.
- Underground Sound

Explores the relationship betweens humans and ever-proliferating technology. A damn fine CD...lovers of the genre should check it out. -Vital

Quite a nice assortment, "In Between the Heartbeat" is an artfulexercise in sound construction using both conventional and unusual sources. It seems particularly effective in Continuum settings where a focus on movement/meditation and body expression go hand in hand. - Backroads