Limited edition cassette.

Future Children pay homage to the great minimalist composer LaMonte Young with their interpretation of his Composition 1960, #7 utilizing vintage analog and digital synths all recorded and mixed live to analog tape, in the spirit of early electronic musics.

Future Children are comprised of Kevin Coral and CC Sheehan. Coral has recorded/produced/mixed/remixed artists from April March and Tahiti 80 to Party of Helicopters and the Chamber Strings. He was the driving force behind Witch Hazel/Witch Hazel Sound and most recently worked with Archie and the Bunkers in his studio he shares with Jason Tarulli (The Black Keys) in Akron, OH.

Sheehan, besides previously playing keys and guitar in the Witch Hazel Sound also has played keys both live and on record, for Doug Gilliard ( Nada Surf, Guided by Voices), Robert Pollard and for his own band Celebrity Pilots.



Lattice-worked with drones and at times icy synth counterpoints, which tap the nerves, jolting and soothing at the same time. This is a piece that demands being present. The past and the future collapse into the moment, meditatively so. Author and listener dissolve into each other. Synesthesia, mild terror, and uncertainty; bliss and divinity, ego and evaporation of ego—all of these things occur while listening to Future Children.  - Popshifter