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Gentoo - SIrens CD - NEW!

Sirens, is the fifth album from electronic artist Gentoo aka Damon Kelly. Kelly returns to his electronic roots, harkening back to Hyoshi with synthetic waves, saws and analog basses, while still drawing on the emotion from 2012's Light EP. Sirens is emotive, reflective and soothing, but is backed with a bit of groove. Tracks like "Release" and "Finch" set a pace that is followed by one of the rare Gentoo vocal tracks "More than Anything" featuring Crushed Stars' Todd Gautreau on vocals. Todd's crooning voice tenderly recounts the conversation of forlorn lovers lost out on a highway, possibly hearing the sirens' song themselves as night closes around them--not a bad place to be while enjoying this album.

Gentoo - Light EP

Check out the video for I Still Dream of You

Gentoo - The City Came To Me in a Dream

Gentoo - The Dragon

Gentoo - Hyoshi

Hyoshi: the natural rhythm of all things--literally translated, "Child's Clap " is the first album
from electronic artist Gentoo.Hyoshi is happily organic. With images of rivers,
other worlds and ghosts coming to mind, each track takes you on a journey through
ambient textures and glitch beats.

Analog synths hail from far away galaxies through rich pads.
Haunting violins and synthetic currents takes us down
a trail of mesmerizing electronic.

Gentoo‘s debut can be seen as the study of an infinite moment. At least one song, "A Million Coins," takes inspiration from Zen poetry, setting the album‘s meditative mood. Ethereal as Arovane, Gentoo‘s work is also of the earth. Synth tones on "Noumena" and "Quip" meander like a flute and koto, while the title track heralds a thunderstorm with electrical sparks and the buzz of frogs. "Creek" is a recollection of leaving the woods for the world, amid the claustrophobic sound of being lost inside both. Like nature‘s grandeur, Gentoo‘s sometimes heavy-handed flourishes can be overwhelming. It‘s the individual details-and the ways he describes them through sound-that are singularly beautiful. - XLR8R