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Myopic was recently featured on the Violitionist sessions. Check out the live video here.


Crushed Stars CD Farewell Young Lovers out now.
Recorded with Stuart Sikes ( Modest Mouse, Phospherescent, Cat Power, White Stripes).

"Flowerbomb" was recently had its UK premiere on Gideon Coe's BBC6 radio show.

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A soothing, celestial sound that makes full use of a hushed vocal, shimmery guitars, an ethereal aesthetic and a near-constant quest for quiet contemplation
e clearly intended to lull the listener into a sedimentary state of unperturbed bliss with an end result that approximates a haze of nocturnal delirium. Indeed, for all Crushed Stars' sonic indulgence, there's a host of sensual delights to focus in on when it comes to achieving that zen-like gaze. Wishing upon these Stars is wholly encouraged

Burns together twinges of twinkling indie-pop with barely-there geetar rawness. a fuzzy sleepwalking gem that'll bring to mind drops of dew on blades of grass and other similarly clichéd romantic moments, but it effortlessly avoids any sonic cliché - CMJ

Every time I listen to this album I fall in love all over again. And yet, I cannot get enough. It does not get more elegant than the Crushed Stars - Selective Memory

Whereas their previous efforts were largely controlled by mood and atmosphere, here the sharp guitars and Gautreau's soothing pipes steal the show. The '80s shoegaze sounds even better than its influences and the songwriting is top notch; what we have here is the first great album of 2014 - Inforty

A beautiful album that has set a high benchmark, not to be missed - popstache

One of the best releases of the new year. Brooding and creative, Farewell Young Lovers is a multifaceted record - Caught in the Carousel

Understated, gauzy and slightly shoe gaze-y songs that seem to live in the hazy netherworld that exists between sleep and waking - Campus Circle

Lives up to the implied promise of the title, with small snapshots of relationships in various states of disarray and a balance of hopefulness and hopelessness consistently maintained. It's like a break-up record for someone who doesn't want to break up. It's a neat trick in that the characters seem more resigned than sad, looking back with a bit more perspective. It's that little tweak that keeps the record from being an emo, navel-gazing bummer. Crushed Stars have pulled together various elements in a very elegant, thoughtful, and satisfying way -
Agit Reader

Plays out like most young relationships. It starts out strong, heavy, and exciting with the opener "Flowerbomb" and the following track "Fantastic Birds." The album then falls into a dreamy lush state. ...does a splendid job of intermixing melodic guitar tones, reverb-heavy vocals, and hazy backgrounds with Jeff Ryan's mixture of thunderous and often times appropriate quiet drumming. a solid cross between a dream pop and shoegazing record - The Owl

Poetic, descriptive lyrics, intricate melodies, Understated and unassuming - Audio Femme

Languid and simply beautiful. Everything should move in slow motion while this album is playing - Vinyl Mag

Fuzzy, calm indie-pop has never sounded so dreamy, so radiantly textured and they even insert some of their most forceful work to date as well. The hazy shoegaze Gautreau is so known is as alluring as ever and the heavier emphasis on synth works well with his soothing vocals and Jeff Ryan's fluid drumming. Indie-rock, post-rock, '80s dream rock – these tags are all unnecessary. This is just great music from a creative, prolific mind -New Noise

New Video for Flowerbomb premiered on UNDER THE RADAR

New interview in Caught in the Carousel

New track HATERS recently premiered on CMJ.

New Crushed Stars interview in Ground Sounds

New single Flowerbomb recently featured on Rollingstone.com

New Crushed Stars interview in Philthy

Jeff Ryan of Myopic/Crushed Stars is featured in this month's Modern Drummer.



Sonogram - How We Saw Tomorrow

Gentoo - Sirens

Myopic - We Were Here

Sonogram - Apparent Microdots, a 2xCD Anthology now available.


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Crushed Stars - In the Bright Rain

Wyndel Hunt - Oblivion CD

Gentoo - Light EP

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cubists - the sixth release from sonogram, the electronic project from crushed stars’ todd gautreau.

currently in heavy rotation on XM/Sirius CHILL and TOP 10 KDVS Sacramento

the most diverse sonogram release to date, tracks range from the ambient “certainly obscured” and “fell through mirrors” to glitchier fare “gateway drugs” and “studer.”
while downtempo tracks such as “soul brother” and “purple vinyl” sit alongside the more upbeat and playful beat-oriented tracks “the knack and how to get it” and
“anise gumdrops”.

then there’s the inspired cover of “someone to watch over me,” which is the first sonogram track ever to feature a vocal. originally conceived for a Mad Men remix project that was shelved,
all elements of the orginal recording were then abandoned and has been re-worked as a cover with vocalist mia forsett.

another sonogram release is planned for later this year.