Stanton Meadowdale
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A truly impressive exercise in low fidelity recording. Stanton Meadowdale's songs sound more like demos than finished products...but therein lies their appeal. Studio gimmicks and glossy polish are now standard fare in home recorded projects.As a result, exceptions tend to stand out dramatically. Our feeling has always been that songs are the most important variable in a good album. Stanton Meadowdale writes damn good songs. The melodies are memorable and the lyrics firmly poignant. The sound quality varies from tune to tune...but that hardly matters when the material is this good. In some ways, Meadowdale's songs remind us of John Vanderslice...but only slightly. Plenty of great tunes here. Our favorites are "Waiting By the Phone," "June the Actress Girl," "Pardon Me," and "Don't Let it Burn You." (Rating: 5) - BABYSUE

Stanton Meadowdale does not pave a smooth road into his mind, but if you venture to travel down that gravelly path you'll be rewarded...authentic and irreplaceable - SPLENDID

It's definitely a bold stylistic move to make your album sound like it was recorded through a walkie-talkie, but on his self-titled debut, Stanton Meadowdale makes it work. Sounding similar in presentation to the junkyard folk on Beck's One Foot in the Grave, Meadowdale's songs feel timeless in their primitive state. Yearning, heartfelt, and ridiculously lo-fi, in a time when everyone's got a Pro Tools suite in their basement, Meadowdale opts for raw and honest and it shines. EXCLAIM

It started growing on me like an evil fungus - Ft. Worth Weekly