Tear Ceremony - Emulsion CD

Tear Ceremony - Emulsion CD


Some of the most surreally cinematic music of this decade. The best Godard film you'll ever listen to. -XLR8R

It possesses a dissonance that's achieved through other means than ham-fisted screeches and atonal freakouts. It's patient in its slow action, repetitively layering a few sound cycles on top of one another.It all results in a drone that renders an illogical feeling of urgency, loneliness and impatience in the listener. -Pitchforkmedia

Hello Young Lovers
The Rain Still Falls On Christine Street
A Mouth Likened To Pomegranate
This Memory Forebodence
We Linger Like Vertebrae
The Abbey Road Twins
Sleep in the Eyes
A Soft Implosion

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